With the current worker shortages, businesses are faced with many challenges.  Utilizing technology allows you to fill positions, increase production, and upgrade the customer experience.  Allow us to show you how your company can benefit and increase profits today.


T5 and T8 delivery robots are designed to increase productivity and enhance your customer experience.  Utilizing our delivery robots to fulfill all the strenuous and tedious work enables servers and kitchen staff to focus on their tasks.  Servers would be able to stay on the floor, creating positive customer engagement while simultaneously saving their energy and strength from the mundane tasks such as running back and forth to the kitchen.


Our W3 robot is used, but not limited to the hotel industry.  Picture a Security Guard as a robot and that is what you get with W3.  The W3 robot has the capability of 2, 3, or 4 secured compartments for anything from food to towels to be secured in the compartment and be delivered to guest’s hotel room. Not only can W3 access elevators on its own; W3 can call or even text to alert the guest that it has arrived. W3 provides a security pin to the guest so they may open only their compartment, which also allows W3 to handle multiple deliveries on the same trip maximizing time and staff.


Our Whiz Robot is a commercial grade vacuum that we are using in hotels, nursing facilities, apartment complexes, etc. Increase the frequency, area, and overall cleanliness while freeing up your cleaning staff to focus more in other areas.  Very simple to use and having a backup battery allows no down time in your vacuuming needs; all while giving your guests the peace of mind knowing your floors are cleaned much more than your competitors.  Our Scrubber 50 does scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing. 

About Us

USA Robotics Services is made up of a team of visionaries that come from different industries. Our team strives to help businesses provide the best customer service, simplify the day to day business grinds, and capitalize on growth.  We carry various models of robots to provide a solution for all businesses in all industries.  Our team is leading the way in technology, but rooted in old school business ideology where we stand behind our products and services.  Building relationship with our clients is most important.

Current Partners

Over the years, we have created partnerships during our testing phases and implementations.  From large corporations, to small mom and pop locations, we take each partnership just as important as the next.




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